make-money-playing-video-gamesMake Money Playing Video Games – The Secrets to Cashing in on Your Video Game Hobby

If you are searching for a way to overcome the hardships of the current economy that is enjoyable, you should consider learning how to make money playing video games. If you are passionate about gaming, it is possible for you to make money online that will supplement your current income. As you advance in your endeavor, you may find that it is possible to not only live off of the money that you make from gaming, but that your income exceeds that which you ever imagined. While it is true that the demand for gamers has increased over the course of the past few years, this market is highly saturated and you will need a creative edge in order to reap considerable financial rewards. Throughout this guide, you will learn a few secrets on how to cash in on your gaming hobby.

Sharing Your Expertise

The first method in creating a lucrative income in the video gaming industry is to share your expertise with others. Gamers are consistently searching for video game cheats, strategy guides, websites that outline various aspects of the game that they play most, product reviews, magazines, books, and even digital products – such as eBooks – in order to increase their knowledge and have a competitive edge. You can actually create all of these products and more by simply harnessing the power of the internet and the power of your mind. For example, if you enjoy playing World of Warcraft, you can easily create a magazine – for free – that covers various aspects of the game, such as farming, gold buying, the auction house, classes, professions and more by using websites such as MadMagz and Readmore. You may also elect to write professional product reviews and strategy guides online and, in turn, get paid for the information that you create. One example of a website that pays for this type of content is Yahoo! Contributor Network. By sharing your expertise today, you are sure to make money online for many tomorrows!


The next way that you may make money playing video games is to engage in the art of farming. You may farm items that are considered to be high in demand in certain video games and then sell them to interested players. In addition to this, you may farm the game currency, such as gold, and sell it to players. The two games, World of Warcraft and Diablo 2, have in game currency that is required to repair items and purchase items. There are numerous individuals and companies that will play these games in order to sell the in game currency that they acquire. The secret is to explore the costs that these individuals and companies are charging and cut your prices by approximately 15%. Yes, it is true that you will not make as much per sale, but you will find that you are able to sell in higher volume because the game players have a desire to purchase in game currency at the lowest price possible. The same goes for in game items – especially those that are considered to be “uncommon”, “rare”, and “legendary”.


The next way that you may make money playing video games is to create an all-inclusive support forum designed for players of certain games. In order for gamers to access the forum, they must pay a monthly rate. It may be as much or as little as you elect to charge. However, in order to motivate fellow gamers to pay the price for your forum, it is important to offer them incentives. Examples of these incentives may be free gaming supplies and accessories, gaming apparel, or even free strategy guides – the choice is yours! In the forum, you may address questions, common bugs in games, divulge information pertaining to strategies, and more. If you elect to create a forum, it is imperative that you include a wide array of constantly updated information on a multitude of games, as this will ensure the highest level of financial success.


It is not difficult to make money online – especially if you are a video game enthusiast. Sharing your expertise through various types of venues, farming and selling in game items, and creating support forums are all excellent strategies for producing cash for yourself in the video game industry. While video game testing, programming, and app creation are also great methods of producing cash based on your gaming hobby, most individuals on the internet engage in this task. Due to the fact that these jobs are highly saturated, you will find that you experience less financial success, overall. The secret is to be innovative and to have an “edge”. In doing so, you are sure to make a lot of money in pursuing your gaming passion.

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