Make Money Writing Articles Online – Inside Secrets on Creating a Lucrative Income to Survive Today’s Economic Challenges

By learning how to make money writing articles on the internet, you will have the capability to create a lucrative income. In today’s world of economic turmoil, numerous individuals are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet. Each and every single day, people are struggling to pay their monthly expenses, purchase fuel for their vehicles, and buy food for their families. In recent months, many corporations have eliminated full time positions for employees that are not in management, and other businesses have put hiring freezes into place. Many are getting no more than 24 hours of work each week, and are finding it difficult to find a second job due to the hiring freezes. Yet, with escalating prices on virtually every good available on the market, people are constantly searching for ways to increase their income so that they may survive the treacherous economic climate. If you are experiencing financial complications and are in need of additional income, you should know that it is possible to make money online. In this guide, you will learn the inside secrets on how to make money writing articles on the internet so that you may survive the economic challenges that are impacting your life in a detrimental fashion.

Article Composition Basics

If you have the ability to put together information in an informative manner, you have the ability to make money writing articles online. However, it is important to understand that the articles that you will compose on the World Wide Web will need to be composed a bit differently than articles that are included in magazines, and other forms of offline media. When companies hire you to compose online content, the goal of the content is to receive page views. This means that the content that you compose must be discoverable by internet users through search engines. In order to make money online through composing articles, you must become familiar with “Search Engine Optimization”, or, “SEO”, for short. Search engine optimization is a type of process that assists in content receiving internet user traffic from natural listings and searches in major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEO is achieved through content by the placement of specific keywords and synonyms of keywords. In addition to utilizing specific keywords and their synonyms in the content that you compose, you must also ensure that the information that you provide in each article that you write is relevant and exhibits high-quality so that each reader that stumbles across your article is able to experience value by reading it.

Finding Jobs That Pay

Now that you have a basic understanding of what makes an article valuable online, it is time to learn how to find jobs that pay you so that you can make money writing articles on the internet. There are millions of individuals and businesses worldwide that have a website. These individuals and businesses know and understand that, in order to make their online presence known, they must have optimized content that exhibits the highest quality on their websites. In order to discover suitable writers for their needs, they search for companies that offer article writing services. These companies typically test their writers and each freelance that they allow to write for them are considered to be knowledgeable on SEO and proficient in composing content. If you are a writer, you must find these companies and apply to them. It is quite likely that you will be provided with a grammar examination, as well as a basic writing examination. This permits the company to determine if you are a suitable match for the needs of the clients that they service. To make money online, it is advised that you consider signing up with the following companies:

Once you sign up for these companies, you will discover that each of them has an area where clients submit articles and you have the option to picking up and completing those projects. In most instances, the amount of money that you will make will be listed with the project prior to your selecting it so that you know how much you will be compensated when you submit the article. It is important to ensure that you have a PayPal account set up so that you may receive the money that you earn. It is also essential to ensure that you have a Copyscape account set up if you are serious about learning how to make money writing articles on the internet. This program will assist in scanning the content that you compose to ensure that it is 100% free from plagiarism. Even though you will be composing the content, it is important to have this tool because if an article fails a Copyscape search performed by the company that you elect to compose content for, it could result in your writing account becoming locked.

Side Income Strategies

In addition to freelance article writing service companies, there are many websites available online where you can make money writing articles on the topics that you choose. These websites typically have Google AdSense on their pages and provide their writers with a certain percentage of earnings that they receive each month that came from their articles. Examples of these websites include, but are not limited to, the following:
Yahoo! Contributor Network


If you are interested in learning how to make money online in a legitimate manner and have a natural knack for writing, composing SEO articles on the internet may be for you! Millions of people are now creating a lucrative income for themselves by learning how to make money writing articles on the World Wide Web. There are typically two ways to do this – one is finding a company that takes direct orders from clients seeking articles and the second way is to find websites that allow you to submit content and share a percentage of their earnings with you. In a world where it is challenging to get 40 hours in a traditional brick and mortar job and prices are continuing to escalate on virtually every type of product available to consumers, writing articles is a wonderful means of earning the extra cash that you will need to survive today’s harsh economic climate.

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