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Money Making Website Ideas – The Secret to Cashing in on the World Wide Web through Your Website

Each day, millions of people search for money making website ideas. A website is a group or a set of unique pages on the World Wide Web that are served from one web domain. While that is the technical definition, a website is much more than that – especially if you have a desire to make money online. A website – to you – is a presence on the internet that will allow you to share your knowledge, your experience, your products, and/or the services that you specialize in. It is a central money making network hub that informs internet users of your presence, and delivers information that fulfills a need or a desire in those users. It is possible to create websites on virtually every topic imaginable; however, if you want to cash in on your website, you must become familiar with the most popular money making website ideas. Neglecting to study website ideas could have a detrimental impact on the amount of money that you make on the internet, and could – potentially – lead to demise, as far as your web presence is concerned. In this guide, you will learn that the secret to cashing in on the World Wide Web is by coming up with an idea for your website that will instantly attract money.

Identify Your Passion

The first – and most important – step when it comes to developing a website topic is to identify your passion. Many webmasters make the mistake of spending hours, days, weeks, months, and even years in searching keywords and keyword phrases that have a high demand and a low supply in hopes of creating a website that transforms into a vicious internet money making beast. While this is a productive step in the website creation process, it should not be the first step. The first step should ALWAYS be in identifying your true passion. This will permit you to make a site that includes information that is not only high in quality, but helpful and informative to visitors. When your visitors land on your site, they should be able to tell that you are an expert on the topic of the site. If they do, the visitors will not only return time and time again for updates and the information that they seek, but they will also share pages and information from your website with their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers through email and social media networking. In turn, this leads to massive amounts of visits, increased online exposure, higher search engine ranks, and, ultimately, increased earnings.

Words and Phrases That Pay

The next step in developing money making website ideas is to learn the words and phrases that pay that are associated with the website’s topic that you established in step one. On the World Wide Web, these are referred to as “Keywords” or “Keyword Phrases”. Essentially, keywords and keyword phrases are words and phrases that internet users will type into major search engines, like Google and Yahoo, in order to find the information and/or products that they are interested in learning more about. Once you identify your passion, you are ready for the next step in discovering money making website ideas. The content and product descriptions that you include on your website should contain these words and phrases so that your website is discoverable, that is, that internet users have the capability to find your website among all of the rest that are available on the topic that your site covers.

As an example of this, let’s say that your passion is video games. When doing step one highlighted in this guide, you found that doing a website on video games would be exceptionally challenging due to the broad nature of the activity. You decided to narrow it down to one video game. Your favorite is the popular sandbox indie video game called, “Minecraft”. You elect to create a topic about “Minecraft” on your website. Next, you would want to conduct a search on keywords and phrases that include the word, “Minecraft”. The goal is to search for terms that have been searched for – which means that they are high in demand – but, do not have a lot of results on the World Wide Web – which means that they are low in supply. These words and phrases would return the highest amount of results in the top of search engines that point back to your website. In this particular instance, the following ten keywords and keyword phrases are currently the most popular for this niche:

• Minecraft

• Minecraft House

• Minecraft Wiki

• Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe

• Minecraft Water


• Minecraft Mods

• Minecraft Servers

• Mario Kart in Minecraft

• Minecraft Diamante

Your goal should be to take the above keywords and keyword phrases and integrate them throughout your website. Ideally, you should ensure that there is a page dedicated to each of the words outlined above. In doing so, you stand the greatest chance to successfully make money online with your website.

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